Mother’s Day makes me lonely and fidgety…

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Mother’s day makes me lonely and fidgety when I am away from home, any type of eating seems completely self indulgent, sleeping, the same thing and don’t mention getting your hair done, that is the ultimate guide to feeling like a spoiled brat. Growing up you see your parents as your point people for survival, that role is so all encompassing you don’t imagine for a moment that they have others worries, concerns or cares other than your well being and happiness and this tends to make the “child as dictator” analogy stick to the wall. Like a dictator who turns his back on the people that staged his coup, a growing child will inevitably assert his or her independence. All of a sudden they refuse to smile, speak when spoken to, let alone tell you how their day at school was anymore, they’ll duck into a store to hide if they see you at the mall when just a year earlier they were holding onto your hands and letting you wipe their nose. They complain bitterly when they are told to do their homework or stop watching TV as if the same people they thought were put on the earth to care for them have turned into the ones there to punish them. It is a confusing time for young adolescents as they discover these caretakers are actually live human beings

(gasp) who lived full and happy lives before you ever came in the picture and, in fact, have proceeded to do just that when you go to bed and to school.

To realize your “parents” have friends, jobs , history, paths not taken and parents of their own is more of a defining moment of young adulthood then your first kiss. I have always had the utmost respect, admiration and love for my parents, but the awe surrounding them exponentially grows as more of my friends have kids. I was on the phone this week with one of my dearest friends who was describing the birth of her beautiful new little baby and as I pinched myself hard to distract my queasy stomach from some of the more graphic details of labour I kept thinking - I can’t believe my mom did that all for me. That of course is only the beginning in a huge long list of things she’s done for me, things I can never repay but will appreciate every single day of my life.