Okay, I think I have stumbled upon the answer…

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Okay, I think I have stumbled upon the answer for all of life’s woes, “Unbeatable Banzuke”. After a long day of a mind numbing combination of painting my house, answering emails and planning my wedding ( only numb because I was pulling my hair out), I scarfed down some food and settled into the couch to watch anything to take my mind off what I really should be doing. Flicking flicking flicking, you know how it goes until your thumb gets tired. I hadn’t even warmed up the hand holding my remote when I heard a familiar tone I thought was the musical intro for “The Iron Chef”, always an awesome hour (unless the secret ingredient is liver) until I realized this was another sort of Japanese game show all together. Basically the competition is a hand walking obstacle course that most people would have a hard time trudging through on their feet, down two steps, up four, over a ridge and up a ramp all trying to keep their body from falling over. I think this is what that government does when they try to figure out which arts funding program to cut next. They all gather in the office for the department of heritage, with one of the rooms outfitted in a crazy obstacle course ( paid for by us tax payers for sure) they tuck in their starch collared shirts, take off their shoes, where pennies fall out, they roll up their sleeves and wait for the three , two, one countdown. As the course rolls by other members of government call out things like “David Cronenburg’s Crash”, “ Avi Lewis and Al Jezeera”, “ Juno- you know that movie about that little hussy who gets pregnant”, kind of like a physiological game of paper, scissors, rock. Whichever prompt and the funding program behind it that ends up bringing the player tumbling to the ground is the arts program that’s cut. Just last week the Conservative government cancelled a $4.7 million program that helped artists work outside the country, effectively eliminating all touring acts outside of Canada with the exception of Celine Dion- who can afford to do that all by herself. So when Sweden or Germany thinks about Canadian culture they won’t be able to picture our celebrated dance troupes, journalists and musicians, they will picture Celine double thumping herself in the chest while singing the theme from the Titanic, if only she’d fall down drunk or get arrested, finally Canada would get the press it deserves.

You just never know what the universe has in store for you…

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You just never know what the universe has in store for you. As our kids are going back to school this week and we mourn the end of summer, I’m starting a brand new chapter in my life.

About 6 months ago I started mulling over what else I was meant to do on this planet. I’ve always loved entertaining (I am a Newfoundlander after all) but I wanted to try something new. So, I put it out there, just like all those books say. Envision the things you want in your life and they will come to you. A couple of weeks later, I got a call. “Kim this may seem out of the blue, but would you ever consider co-hosting a morning radio show?” I have always believed in signs and as a good friend of mine says, in order to take advantage of an opportunity you have to first recognize it. I got it. If that call had come a few weeks earlier, I might not have been open to it.

I have dabbled in tv and radio as long as I’ve been singing and I’ve always felt at home doing it. 20 years ago I was co-host of Q-93am with Brian O’Connell. I loved it! It was there that I would scare people by standing up on desks and singing Patsy Cline for anyone that would listen, (and not). In a way my career as a singer started there. But now I’m headed back to radio as one of the new co-hosts on the new EZ Rock morning show in Toronto (www.ezrock.com). It’s a big deal. And as my husband never fails to remind me, “you realize that Toronto is the 4th largest market in North America” Good God, I’m scared! I love the people I’m working with, and I know I’m going to love the job. And I figure, Seamus and Rick have tv covered for now so we must start our domination of radio! I will always make music, and I know Dav and I will make music together again, but for now I’m going to focus on something a little different.

So even with the getting up at 3:30 in the morning, and the feeling of being constantly jet lagged, I realize I’ve been given an amazing opportunity. I just thank God I was open to it when it came along.