Dav’s Column - January 1, 2010

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I am pretty sure that when you are unable to sleep at night and lay awake staring at the ceiling because you feel so awful about something you saw on TV, that you should probably stop watching the offending show. Last night I sat down to watch the season finale of Dexter, the only thing I have watched with any regularity all year and for someone with such a huge aversion to all things blood and guts, a commercial free hour devoted to the lives of a serial killer and his family has  a very strange and strong appeal. So at the end of the show when something extremely traumatic happened to  Dexter (I don’t want to spoil it just in case you haven’t seen it and after this article you still have some kind of sick desire to) I went into a slight state of shock, as if it had happened to me. After my initial reaction of not being able to breath, my first question was “Am I desensitized or overly sensitized by the media and TV, that I can feel such a kinship with a serial killer?”. My automatic justification of these hyper empathetic feelings was “Yes he is a serial killer, but he only kills other serial killers!”,  so I guess the answer is both. In my humble opinion and in no way excusing his philandering ways (of which I am uncomfortable knowing to be truthful) but that in essence is Tiger wood’s big PR problem. Tiger’s entire life and business to this point has been moulded around him being perfect, being the best at everything, without failings or faults. Even as a child he was groomed to be a machine, a veritable golf factory. We humans know that all machines have glitches and people for the most part are greater after learning from our mistakes and in Tiger’s case the lights shone as bright as the sun until all the power went out in an instant and the generator exploded. In so many grown up child star’s behaviour you see sad little kids searching for boundaries,  craving discipline, and by the thirteen women (that we know about) that he choose to confide in ,Tiger Woods wanted to be caught. Everyone knows how hard it is to keep your partner happy and couple that with marriage! Imagine adding the stress of an affair, where you have to keep an extra whole being happy, the lies, the double lives, the expectations. Then imagine  a life where you have thirteen women demanding your time, your attention and not to mention your physical stamina. Honestly, the man is truly lucky to be alive.

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