Dav’s Column - January 14, 2010

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I don’t have any idea where all the time has gone this Christmas. I do however know exactly where the food has gone and that would be on a direct flight to my stomach. There are so many things like Mount Scio dressing and peas pudding that I  can’t seem to put down at this time of year and that’s even before I  take the first bite of the addiction forming substance known as casserole, which has just the right combination of vegetable and fat to glue an artery permanently shut. I guess that’s why they are known as special occasion dishes, because even though a green bean or broccoli casserole “sounds” healthy, anyone who has ever made one or witnessed it’s creation knows it’s pure sin on a dish and I for one love it more than winning a brand new car in a lotto draw. I have also loved being able to sleep in so late, so late that I actually found myself having to lie about it on a couple of occasions to my  friends who happen to have kids. I felt like telling them the truth of how much sleep I was getting would be like a slap in the face, especially after they would tell me how happy they were that their child slept until six (in the morning! ). I have loved every minute of catching up with my family and friends ( except for the lying about the sleeping), so much so I even loved losing at Cranium, loved almost getting blown off the side of Fort Amherst by a rogue gust of wind and I loved having to walk halfway home from downtown in high heeled boots at three in the morning because we could not get a cab. In fact I have loved every Christmas this decade and am completely shocked that it’s going to be 2010, It seems like only yesterday we were all gathered for the millennium celebrations in St John’s harbour. So here’s to a new year, to peace, joy, love and hope and maybe if we are really lucky a guilt free recipe for green bean casserole.

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