Dav’s Column - January 21, 2010

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Tonight is a big night for the Doyles, a big night for the Private Investigating industry in Canada and a big night for Newfoundland. I have lived my whole life with people getting in my face and asking me ” your name is what?” or ” How do you say that for God’s sake? Damanit, Damanah, Damnbrat?”  and when they do attempt to spell it, a swear word is jammed in the middle, or at the very least a ph.  So outside of the island and even though it too has been mispronounced, I have clung on to my last name as some sort of personal ID,  like a life preserver. I should at this point disclose that after twenty years of pronouncing my name ” Davnet” , I learned from a friend of my mothers that my first name is actually pronounced “Downith” and that in Ireland, ” Damhnait”  is the patron saint of mentally ill people. Doyle, however is a name that means a lot of things, it means family, good times, occasional brushes with the law and a bucket load of love. So I am proud to see it plastered over every single bus shelter, billboard, television station and website in this country and I for one cannot wait until tonight to tune into ” Republic Of Doyle” on CBC. To see the culmination of months and months of hard work by the best film crews and actors in the country and to know it’s as pure, true and 100 % Newfoundland as Purity biscuits, is spectacular. By this point it’s safe to say that after seeing him get punched in the face eight million times in the trailer for ROD that everybody knows who Allan Hawco is, but besides for being the creator and lead actor of the show, he is someone who gets the impossible done. Like anybody who has ever met him, I know that the only thing that has ever truly mattered to him is family, friends and of course Newfoundland and to see someone go after their dreams and slam-dunk it, is inspiring beyond belief. I am buttering up the popcorn, cracking a beer, sitting down on the couch and turning on the TV and I can’t wait to watch with you all.

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