Dav’s Column - January 28, 2010

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In the long days since a massive earthquake devastated the country of Haiti, the onslaught of video, stories and pictures of the aftermath have proven to be sickeningly sad. Yet somehow today, something affected me more than anything else I’ve seen, an image of police shooting at ” Looters” in Port Au Prince. I guarantee you, if I lost my family right before my eyes, managed to climb, or get pulled out of a rubble of concrete, had to spend the following week looking up at the sky, praying for the circling planes to land and bring medical supplies to those with festering wounds in the streets, orphanages and nursing homes, where people who don’t believe that help will ever arrive and hope for death to take them soon, I would break a window or two. If I had not eaten for over a week and the only drop of water I put to my lips was riddled with parasites, disease and filth and made me sick instantly, I would grab a stale loaf of bread I could not pay for ( because I lost everything single thing I ever had in the quake), from the store where I broke the window.  If journalists were the only foreigners I saw, because the UN was too afraid to come to my neighborhood, claiming it’s too dangerous and my child lay dying in my arms, I would eat the glass from the broken window, if I thought it would help. Now, the same people that are impressionable enough to listen to and believe in Pat Robertson (who last week addressed the American people and said the Haitian people were getting their just desserts after making a pact with the devil centuries ago), have another dirty weapon in their arsenal when questioning why their government is helping a ” lawless” country, instead of lowering taxes. Why some of the aid money isn’t to buy out the stores filled with food, soap, diapers, and toilet paper and to hire security to distribute it, instead of trying to keep them away, is beyond me. The Haitian people are not ” thieves” , they are desperate, starving and thirsty. More importantly they are sons, fathers, daughters, mothers, sisters and brothers and they are doing whatever they can to survive, and survival should never be considered a crime.

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