It’s just a few weks until the Olympics…

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It’s just a few weeks until the Olympics. What should be the worlds expression of living in harmony with a common end goal, where sportsmanship is king and losers are defined only by not cheering for the winners has a huge rain cloud hovering overhead. It marks decades of training by athletes, miles of sacrifice and enough Gatorade to quench the thirst of the world. I heard on the radio that visibility in Beijing yesterday was only half a kilometre, maybe that’s a good thing because if we could actually see further we would see the real wounds of Tibet, once a world of spiritual freedom which is being crushed by an iron grip. Somehow though the earth powers that be have chosen to overlook this as if we are so used to people being oppressed that we just shrug our shoulders and accept it even though we don’t like it. Now it’s widely reported that black people are not allowed in bars in Beijing, being denied or thrown out and told not to come back- whoa stop the presses! Reading this led me on a google goose chase where I found a ton of articles backing up this claim and the same amount refuting this story saying the police weren’t banning black people just keeping a closer eye on them. “A closer eye on them”, you have got to be kidding me, it feels like we are back in the dark ages when Elizabeth Hasselback cried after scuffling with Whoppi Goldberg on The View because Elizabeth believes racism can be solved by refusing to say one particular word. Oh sorry that was just a few weeks ago, my mistake, really it feels like the world is going to hell in a hand basket. The biggest problem we have in North America pertaining to racism is that a such a large amount of people don’t believe it exists anymore and refuse to discuss it in the present tense . It’s like breaking your arm, going to a doctor, getting it fixed up, but you didn’t leave the cast on long enough, had to go back to work, you keep using the same arm day in day out and all it feels is sore, some days more inflamed then others. Finally you go back to the doctor and he says that in order for it to heal properly they’ve got to break it again and start all over. In a way that’s what Obama is doing, setting things in motion so we too can heal properly and not a moment too soon.

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