I have already admitted that I am “that person”…

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I have already admitted that I am “that person” , the person who as their wedding approaches can think of nothing else and is in a fact a little bit obsessed, so I am just going to go for it without an ounce of guilt. For the second time in my life I have a list of things to guide me and it seems that as I check one thing off another unravels, because no matter how the saying goes, sometimes when God closes a door, he shuts the window too. We have tried as hard as we can to make this a personal ceremony so when I learned that a dear family friend who is also a catholic priest was coming up for my wedding I was beyond excited that someone who had known me since I was a baby would be the one the marry us. It was all coming together really, the food, the music and the veil, most of the details taken care of. Kim or as she likes to call herself these days “ The MOH” checked out city hall and how to get a permit for a non resident to officiate the marriage, it was to be a piece of cake, a phone call, a sheet of paper, a pen and voila. I was really excited about incorporating the faith that I was raised and schooled in ( all hail to Holy Heart) and my fiancé although an agnostic was excited for me (another reason why I love him). Last thing I heard was that the church was trying to figure out ways to get young people back in the church, I don’t know, maybe I’m not considered young anymore because I wanted it to be a huge part of the biggest day of my life and it seems it wanted no part of me. It turns out that because I wasn’t getting married in an actual physical church a priest simply would not be allowed to marry me, when I casually mentioned it to the lady in the office of the archdiocese she actually gasped to the point where I seriously considered calling an ambulance for her. Now I am left frantically searching the internet for someone who looks friendly and somewhat spiritual in their picture to come and marry us, I think it’s really sad when Carrot Top could marry us and not someone whom I love and care about. All I’m saying is that the church is going to miss one hell of a party.

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