lights down low

01 Love Will Tear Us Apart
02 Bobcaygeon
03 Is This Love
04 I Want You to Want Me
05 Gimme Gimmie Gimmie (A Man After Midnight)
06 Essence
07 Train in Vein
08 Everlong
09 I Wanna Roo You
10 More Than This


01 Sinkin' Stone...Part I
02 Another California Song
03 Deal With God
04 Afterglow
05 Every Hit
06 Traffic
07 Sinkin' Stone...Part II
08 Butterfly
09 Now When The Rain Falls
10 Good To You
11 Jeff
12 Sinkin' Stone...Part III
13 Is It Right


01 Maybe It's You
02 So Well
03 Hyperdramatic
04 Tattooed
05 Learn To Crawl
06 Lie To You
07 Never Too Late
08 Elusive Drug
09 (Because I) Love Myself
10 Sleep Past You
11 Maybe A Son

shadows wake me

01 A List of Things
02 Nothing Like the Truth
03 Las Vegas
04 Mystery To Me
05 Signal Hill
06 Shoreline
07 Whatever You Need
08 Sunday Mornings
09 Why
10 Jumping the Shadows
11 Please, Please Call
12 As I Roved Out

- Another California Song
- Traffic

- Another California Song
- Traffic

- Tattooed
- Never Too Late -

- Tattooed

with SHAYE

lake of fire

01 I Don't Wanna Die Today
02 Lake Of Fire
03 We Will Not Be Lovers
04 Stay
05 We Are Water
06 This Is The Moment
07 Ocean of Sorrows
08 Someway, Somehow
09 You're Not Alone
10 So Far Gone
11 I Can't Say
12 Star
13 Tupelo Honey

the bridge

01 On And On
02 Guenivere
03 Beauty
04 When You're Sinking
05 Happy Baby
06 Big Fat Babies
07 Freedom
08 Daydream Car
09 Karma
10 How The West Was Won
11 Godspeed
12 No Mermaid

- Happy Baby

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