The story of Damhnait's new album, "Lights Down Low"

This record was born quite by accident one lazy afternoon when songwriters Damhnait Doyle and Danny Michel decided that instead of writing a song, they would open a bottle of wine, head into the studio, and record the song that was playing on the stereo -- Bob Marley’s “Is This Love.”

With Danny taking the reins as producer and engineer, Damhnait literally sat back on a cozy little chair with her head laying on the armrest and Danny positioned the mic an inch above her head. The outcome was so fun and so fresh that it set them off on a journey of reinvention. The next step was choosing the rest of the songs, a process that spanned two years. The result was a quirky collection of songs from their favourite artists which crosses both genres and generations.

From the music box intro to Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me," to the wanton vocals on Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart," the interpretations are intelligent and irreverent. There are flirtatious forays into 80's pop with chart topping singles from ABBA and Roxy Music, interspersed with the 'film noire' sound of the Foo Fighter's "Everlong" and Lucinda William’s “Essence”.

Damhnait has already established herself as an extraordinary vocalist and a powerhouse writer, but Lights Down Low showcases her voice in ways no one has heard before. Her vocal performance is sometimes sultry, sometimes innocent, and always unpredictable. Danny's arrangements and his virtuosity as both a producer and an instrumentalist are the perfect partner to Dav's vocal versatility. Ultimately, Dav and Danny’s unique partnership yielded performances that are playful yet smouldering, fresh yet familiar.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, turn the lights down low and enjoy . . .

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