There Are Many Types Of Innovative and Stunning Nail Designs

Nail decoration can be described as a creative art that involves drawing and designing pictures on nails. Salon professionals can decorate nails with colorful designs or images. This technique uses varnish or lacquer as the primary coat. Water-based paints offer many advantages, as they can be mixed to achieve desired results. Salon professionals use brushes, needles and sticks for this purpose. This article will focus on the different designs that women around the world adopt.

Innovative and Stunning Nail Designs

Piercing Design

This involves making tiny holes in the top of the nails. It also involves inserting small rings to decorate the nails. This technique was popularized in recent years and is very well-liked by women all over the globe. This is a unique way to decorate nails and make them more attractive. This technique can be used on either natural or artificial nails. This technique, unlike other types of body piercing is painless and does not cause any side effects.

Aquarium design

This is often done with artificial nails. You can create a particular pattern in your nails by using color acrylics. This pattern can be complemented by different decorative items like foil, paste and dried flowers. Next, you will need to coat it with acrylic to achieve the convex effect. It creates a three-dimensional effect that makes it appear as though it is under the aquarium’s glass.

Three-dimensional design

This cutting-edge design technique uses a variety of materials, including special gel, color acrylic, and high quality glue. It is possible to create images of animals, plants, and birds that will draw the attention of potential customers.

Photo paint

This is a trend that has been growing in popularity with women all over the globe. This is possible with special printers that can create intricate patterns or motifs from thousands of colors.

Black mat design

You need to be familiar with the different colors of polish and paint before you can use them. It is important to be able to mix and match these colors.

Spanish manicure technique

The main feature of the polish is its richness and depth. They can also combine various colors, such as bright and pastel shades. These colors seem to be very compatible. It does not matter how many colors you use. Because it looks thicker and wider, it is ideal for people with thin nails.