Things Your Cardiologist May Forget to Tell You

Things Your Cardiologist May Forget to Tell You

Cardiologists are some of the most highly qualified experts in their field, yet it’s impossible to be aware of every potential danger. That’s why they use a risk matrix which takes into account patients’ general health and any factors that could pose an immediate danger. Here are things your cardiologists in Milford, PA might forget to mention during consultation:


Sometimes patients may feel that age should not matter when it comes to their healthcare. Unfortunately, age does matter and older individuals pose more risk to doctors who may be less cautious when providing certain treatments or examinations. Therefore, be mindful of what age group you are when seeking medical advice or services.


Men and women experience similar symptoms and illnesses, however some symptoms are unique to one gender over another. Women tend to develop urinary incontinence as they age while urinary tract infections in men are much rarer; therefore, when a woman presents with recurring infections it’s important for your doctor to pay more attention than if it were a man being treated.


A poor diet can have serious repercussions for the body, potentially leading to illness or death. Eating too much or not enough may be difficult if you’re used to eating whatever feels right at the time. On the contrary, not eating enough puts you at higher risk of anemia and elevated cholesterol. Doctors often suggest increasing fiber consumption through fruits, vegetables and whole grains in their meals; this will help combat these risks.

Smoking Habits

Smoking can have serious health repercussions, yet when you are a smoker it never crosses your mind that this could be happening to you. But the effects of smoking on the body can be alarming – not only will your heart and lungs function less optimally but other conditions may develop as well. You may notice yourself breathing less deeply or having trouble swallowing food or liquids. Smoking has many detrimental effects that are not immediately obvious such as wrinkles around the mouth or throat.

Drinking Habits

While alcohol consumption may not be as harmful as smoking, it can still have detrimental effects on your health. Signs such as nausea, weight gain and upset stomach may occur with alcohol consumption; however there are more serious repercussions too: you increase the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, liver damage and cancer.